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Whether you participate through TS2 Coaching or as a member of Team TS2, it is our fundamental belief that people matter–whatever their speed or experience level. It is our goal to come alongside our athletes with highly individualized, research based triathlon coaching and run coaching, and provide them the support they need to achieve their goals. Our athletes’ results and sense of belonging within the TS2 Coaching community speaks volumes.


At TS2 Coaching, the coach-athlete relationship is valued and important. Our triathlon coaching and run coaching are an investment in the relationship we have with each of our athletes. TS2 Coaching athletes benefit from both a team of qualified triathlon coaches and run coaches, as well as an intentional training community. Our coaches are athletes themselves who have vast and varied experiences. Our coaches and community of athletes have been able to achieve All-American status, qualification into the Ironman World Championships and Ironman 70.3 Championships, qualification into the Boston Marathon qualifiers, participation in Division I swimming, and the completion of ultra endurance running events up to 100 mile trail runs. Some of our certifications that we utilize to better serve those interested in triathlon coaching and run coaching are USA Triathlon coaching certification, Adult Learn to Swim, training for personal services and coaching, and 4 year degrees from great universities in fields related to fitness and training. Our team of triathlon coaches and run coaches have dozens of years of combined experience training and racing and serving athletes to help them pursue their biggest goals through steady improvement.

Nick Tranbarger
Head Coach

Thank you for choosing to learn more about TS2 Coaching. We believe sincerely that when we utilize our collective strengths we will be able to reach further, be stronger, and serve others better. Whether you be interested in triathlon coaching or run coaching, we believe our community has the experience, proven results, and caring approach that will give you confidence and support you towards achieving more than you ever thought possible. Please visit our coaches’ pages and see what they’ve been up to in order to be at their very best to serve you well. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming a part of your magnificent story!

Todd Shellenberger
Orlando, FL

Amanda Almond
Mentor Coach
Indianapolis, IN

Chris Arnold
Louisville, KY

Nate Hyde
Indianapolis, IN

Maggie Retelle
Midland, MI

Wade Kammel
Indianapolis, IN

Chris Hutchison
Indianapolis, IN

Justin Marzean
Seattle, WA

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Having caring and specific support in terms of strategic partnerships is essential for creating an environment that enables us to take our triathlon coaching and run coaching to the next level, as well as supports our athletes to succeed at their highest levels in training and racing. We are sincerely grateful for the investment these brands and individuals have made into our community. We are motivated to invest equally in their success. Thank you for for supporting and celebrating them with us!