Determined, passionate and giving tell only part of the story of TS2 Athlete, Joey Garcia. Joey’s commitment to being a better triathlete only scratches the surface of his talents and passion for being a better person and friend. Once Joey sets his goals, he goes after them with reckless abandon and a sense of humor that just makes you smile and shake your head. He is an example of what hard work and a “never say die” attitude can do. I hope you enjoy getting to know Joey Garcia!

-Coach Todd

Favorite snack/food you eat while training:

I love salty food and preferably stuff that is mushy that I can get down easily and doesn’t sit heavy on my belly.  I am an Advocare distributor so I use a lot of Advocare products.

Piece of training gear or clothing item you couldn’t live without:Team Pic IMLOU 2015

My Garmin 920 XT.  I love numbers, I love data and I love seeing progress and charts that track it all.

Strange routine, quirk, or mental game you do when racing or getting ready for one:

I have somewhat of an OCD thing with my gear.  I will check, re-check then check the re-check just to make sure I did it right.  I walk up to my transition area as if I’m coming out of the water and talk out loud to myself saying “helmet, bike, GO!” All the other stuff is already attached to my bike. I make sure the bike items are where they need to be on my bike as muscle memory takes over once I mount my sled. Then I walk up to my transition and pretend I’m coming in off the bike and say, again, out loud “shoes, grab, GO!” and make sure all items are in the correct location.  I run out of T2 putting on my visor and fuel belt.  I never wear socks, ever, not even during IRONMAN so I never have to waste time putting them on. I always race as if T1 and T2 are separate races and I want to be 1st overall which I have done twice!

2014 Ironman FinsihWhat was your entry into triathlon/endurance training?

In 2006 I did the Eagle Creek Triathlon and when I was done I heard the MC say “For all of you that have finished, you are now TRIATHLETES!” For some reason that stuck with me and I was addicted since that moment.

Why do you keep doing it?

I keep doing it because when I train and race I feel things that I can never feel when doing any other thing in my life.  I get high on the feeling and like an addict, I want that feeling, in my case of euphoria, as often as I can.  I also want to promote healthy living and I love sharing my gains and helpful tips of fitness with anyone who asks.  I always give 100% to the people who show up to train or learn from me.


Proudest accomplishment:MOM and Crew IMLOU 15

Finishing IRONMAN and having my Mother’s neck to put my finisher medal around after I crossed the finish line.  My mother has done amazing things with raising all five of us Garcia chuckleheads and I want to pay her back by being positive, loving, caring and accomplished so she can be reassured that she raised a young man that appreciates her sacrifices for the many years of difficult hard work she has put in.

What have you learned about yourself from endurance training and racing?

I have truly learned what “It’s a mental game” is really about.  I have wanted to quit during my IRONMAN races more than a dozen times during each however; I just keep saying to myself that I have trained and I will finish.  I have learned that training and being positive forces other fitness fires to be lit in other people.  I have had people come up to me and say I ran a 5K because of what you said in a Facebook post or because I saw you finished that race.  I have learned that no matter the training objective that consistency and discipline go a long way in accomplishing those goals.

Future goals:

I will have a sub 5:20 – 70.3 time and to be racing in the 70-74 AG when the time comes.

Outside of triathlon, what is most important to you?

Relationships with my family, friends and always having time for fitness education when I am asked to help out a Solider, when at work, or anyone else with his or her running.  I love educating people on how to improve their fitness.  I rekindled my relationship with God back in early 2015 and I have been building that faith pillar back up ever since.  My cat, Hubert Sorious Cumberdale XIV, is up there on the important scale as well.

12140021_10101864269341364_5632536169620509810_oAnything else you would want the group to know about you.

I love cracking jokes at every opportunity to break up situations where it is likely that you’ll be nervous or tense.  I love smiles.  I would also like to share that having a coach to help guide you through things and developing that relationship can change everything you think you know about being an athlete.  I started using TS2 Coaching after seeing countless posts about gains with TS2 Coaching and looked into it with hesitation.  I realized that having someone to answer every question I had and being held accountable makes a world of difference.  Todd Shellenberger is a great athlete, coach, mentor and most importantly, a great friend.


It is a great privilege to be a part of our athlete’s stories. It is a complete joy to support them, guide them, know them, and love them each step of the way. Be on the lookout on for more stories that will most certainly encourage, challenge, and inspire you to tell your own magnificent story in 2016 and beyond! Onward and upward!