Not too many athletes get excited about testing and re-testing their proficiency in the sport(s) of their choice. Most have trouble embracing the pain of the tests and are afraid of what the results might say. If you been in sport long enough, you have probably found yourself in this head space at one point or another.

It is magical to be able to support and observe athletes that recognize that they are more than their swimming/biking/running pace/HR/power number(s). These process athletes are consistent in their day to day training and don’t over value any one day. Each day is a great opportunity. When this view takes hold, the athlete can enjoy their test day as much as an easy, shuffle run. All the days matter. 

Typically at the end of this process over outcome mentality of training, the athlete will reap their just reward. They refused to go out looking for a “silver bullet” approach, instead they found joy in the process and the gains that come with it.

Onward and Upward,

Coach Nick