Coach Aaron

Aaron Springhetti is the newest addition to the coaching crew at TS2.  Along with the extensive background and experience the other coaches offer at TS2, Coach Aaron offers another facet in long course racing to the table.  From 10Ks to marathons to full-Ironman distance, Coach has local to world-class championship level experience.  While gaining his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, Aaron fell head over heels for the endurance lifestyle and has embraced it as part of who he is ever since.  

Growing up, Coach Aaron was active in almost every sport, but didn’t start swimming, running, or cycling intently until starting dental school in 2009.  Since the inception of his training and racing career, Coach has worked with a number of professional runners and triathletes, world-renowned coaches, and athletes of all abilities in the endurance world.  He has gathered valuable knowledge and experience from his racing career all over the world including numerous podium finishes, Boston Marathon qualification, and Half Ironman and Ironman World Championship qualifications.  

Coach Aaron’s philosophy is one of value, integrity, patience, and communication.  He appreciates the athlete-coach relationship and embraces it as a two-way street of learning and communication.  Every athlete is different, and every coach is different, but with proper communication, commitment, honesty, and diligence, he believes an athlete of any ability can have success in reaching whatever goals they may have.

Aaron resides in Indianapolis and practices dentistry in Fishers, IN most of the year.  He primarily trains and coaches in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas, but you may occasionally find him in distant mountainous or tropical locales at training camps or preparing for his Championship races.  

Every dream starts with a vision.  If you can see it, you can dream it, you can believe it, you can achieve it.  

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