Mike Smith is a USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach.

Mike considers himself an average guy who overcame normal guy obstacles to achieve one of his big life goals; he can help you do the same.

Mike has always been active in sports and turned his love for movement into triathlons: Sprints, Olympics, Off-road, Ironman 70.3’s and even had the opportunity to hear the famous Mike Reilly call him an Ironman (pivotal life moment). He was a personal trainer when he was finding his footing after college which afforded him experience in helping people break their barriers and achieve new levels of health.

When he started training as a TS2 athlete, he was trying to get moving again after building his career and getting his kiddos out of diapers. He was tired and needed to lose some weight and this community has been critical to his success of going from couch to full Ironman. He is glad to be a part of this team as a coach now.

He knows what it is like to develop a new skill (swimming), overcome many injuries and physical limitations to meet his goals, and even progress to age group podiums (Sprint, Olympic and Off-road) including qualifying for the USAT Age Group Nationals. His wife is a natural health practitioner and nutrition/food knowledge is a lifestyle in their home. It takes a holistic mindset to move from average to excellence and he has faced it head on.

When not coaching or training for triathlons, mountain biking and coaching basketball and baseball for his kids competes for his time and attention – and he loves it.

His primary focus as a coach is to help you achieve your personal goals, focus on healthy living and helping build a love for the world of triathlon. He loves competition, loves this sport, and loves the TS2 triathlon community. He would love to be a part of your story as you break barriers and better your health for all that life has to offer you.

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