TS2 Coaching

TS2 Coaching Members:

  • Team TS2 Membership
  • Fully custom training plan based on their strengths and limiters
  • Annual Training Plan (ATP) to monitor fitness gains, fatigue, and target a proper peak for the the most important races on each athlete’s calendar
  • Unlimited communication
  • Unlimited plan alterations
  • Coach led workouts are offered but dependent on availability and location
  • Industry-leading gear package for one low price
  • Team Training Camp is available at no additional cost

TS2 Coaching can provide services for all of your triathlon and run coaching needs. If you are looking for individualized coaching or group workouts, TS2 Coaching is for you. If you are a competitive age group athlete, or just beginning your triathlon career, TS2 Coaching can help you achieve your goals. At TS2 Coaching, you are also seen and known as a person who has many roles in life. We believe the coach-athlete relationship is important. We want to work with you to support what you desire in all aspects of your life; including triathlon.

Our coaching includes weekly training plans based on individual needs/goals/time availability, unlimited contact (text, email, phone conversations, etc.) with coaches, and unlimited changes to those workouts as needed. All TS2 Coaching athletes are also welcomed into our TS2 Training Community. We offer only one “all in” level for coaching. At TS2 Coaching we desire to coach athletes who are committed to the coach-athlete relationship and the training process. With this relationship being the ultimate goal, we would be glad to discuss our coaching fees with you.

When you train with TS2 Coaching, you receive access to everything we have to offer. We will evaluate each triathlete’s current level of fitness, help with goal setting, establish a race schedule focused on “A” races, create weekly plans based off improvement, and monitor activity levels to avoid injury. We will discuss proper race strategies for all races that are specific to each triathlete, and offer our triathletes unlimited communication with their coach. Group workouts for our triathletes are also scheduled on a weekly basis when weather permits. There is no additional charge for these workouts. The group workouts are not required of any triathlete, but offer a great opportunity for relationship and fitness building throughout the triathlon season. We strive to be intentional about creating community among our athletes–in our training and in our lives outside of triathlon.

At TS2 Coaching our passion is seeing triathletes reach a level of fitness and personal success that they never imagined possible. We desire to invest in you as a person first and center our relationship on mutual edification and holistic improvement. We will take each step together, learn from defeats, and celebrate the victories.

If you are interested in Triathlon Coaching from TS2 Coaching, have questions, or need more information on TS2 Coaching, please contact Nick, Director of TS2 Coaching, at nick@ts2coaching.com / 317-502-8452.